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Micronutrient IV Therapy

Intravenous therapy offers us an opportunity to dramatically influence our health and vitality. By infusing nutrients directly into the circulation much higher concentrations can be achieved than when the same nutrients are taken orally. Achieving higher concentrations of nutrients in the blood stream translates into moving higher concentrations of nutrients into cells, which is the place the nutrients are needed for their many cellular roles.


Cellular metabolism is becoming the model modern science is now using to understand many chronic illnesses and diseases of aging, as well as the model for guiding performance enhancement. By understanding and supporting cellular metabolism dramatic improvements in function can be gained. Whether you are seeking relief from a chronic illness or desiring to optimize your performance IV therapy is a powerful tool.


IV Treatment Menu

Myer’s Cocktail

Combination of nutrients which provides a boost for the immune and energy systems. A popular choice when feeling run down, fighting a viral infection, or to prevent viral infection before airline travel.

30 minutes  


Detoxification Cocktail

Nutrient combination designed to support cellular and liver detoxification.

2 hours  


Anxiety Cocktail

Nutrients and amino acids designed to calm our nervous system.

2 hours  


High Dose Vitamin C

A potent stimulator for the immune system as a stand alone or adjunct therapy.

2 hours  


Performance Boost

The cofactors for performance and muscle recovery.

60 minutes  



Time magazine calls it “the closest thing we have to the fountain of youth” NAD is a cofactor for energy metabolism and is a potent anti-aging molecule.

4-8 hours  

Or set of 3 - please inquire for package pricing.
For more information on NAD Therapy, please
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