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Consultations with our doctors are the foundation of all treatments. For this reason, all new patients must be seen for a consultation prior to receiving any of our other services. This allows Dr. Martin and Dr. Green to get to know you, understand your health history and concerns, and provide you with the most individualized and effective care possible. Consultations and follow-up appointments can address many of your health concerns.



Both of our providers are dual licensed in Naturopathic Medicine and Acupuncture. This lends a well-rounded approach to our acupuncture services and allows your treatments to be integrated into your overall wellness plan. We have several relaxing acupuncture rooms to melt away your aches, pains, and other maladies. 


Vitamin Infusions - IV and Injections

We offer several types of vitamin infusions to help you reach your health potential. About to travel and worried about getting sick? A Myer's IV push can help boost your immune system, keeping you healthy on your trip. Feeling low-energy and run down? A B-12 injection can help get your system back on track. Custom vitamin infusion IV's can be used as effective supplemental treatments for patients fighting or recovering from cancer, working by helping to keep your body strong and enabling it to heal. Benefits from IV infusion therapy for cancer treatment include:

  • Alleviating or reducing side effects from chemotherapy and radiation

  • Increased tissue healing (including after surgery)

  • Immune support

We also offer NAD treatments to treat chronic fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, addiction, and other ailments.

For a full list of our IV Therapy services, please click here.


PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Treatments

Our office offers several PRP applications including facials, which work to rejuvenate and recondition your skin, and hair treatments which boost hair volume, help to regrow and revitalize thinning hair. We are currently offering discounted introductory package rates through the end of the summer! For more information on our PRP services, please click here.

SIBO Treatment and Digestive Health

We offer both consultation and an array of food sensitivity and SIBO testing to properly identify the root cause of your digestive problems and get you on a treatment plan that works! Our doctors have a broad range of knowledge regarding special diets, supplements, and medications and can help you and your digestive issues find peace.


Allergy and Nutritional Counseling

Whether you are simply seeking a strong and healthy body or looking for answers regarding your allergies, we have access to a variety of food testing that goes far beyond what you may have received from your conventional doctor. Together, we can work to identify which foods your body thrives on and which are best avoided, helping you find the way of eating that makes you feel great!


While we do not directly accept most insurances, you may be able to get reimbursement for your visits. Please see the following list to see how your insurance would work for your visit.
Please note that if your visit is not covered or reimbursable, we offer a 15% discount for office visits and acupuncture when you pay out-of-pocket. IV's and specialty treatments like PRP and NAD will almost always be paid out-of-pocket, even if your plan covers naturopathic care or acupuncture.

HMSA PPO, Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant plans:  Patient pays for service at time of visit, our office submits to your insurance on your behalf and you receive reimbursement of 50-90% for office visits and acupuncture.


HMSA or Kaiser with applicable American Specialty Health (ASH) rider: Office visits and acupuncture partially covered, patient pays part of visit and a copay.

HMSA HMO and/or non-ACA compliant PPO plans: Insurance will not cover the visit or reimburse the patient. 15% out-of-pocket discount applies for office visits and acupuncture.

Medicare only or Medicaid (including Quest): Medicare and Medicaid do not recognize naturopathic physicians or acupuncture and will not cover the visit or reimburse patients. 15% out-of-pocket discount applies for office visits and acupuncture.

Medicare with "managing" plan, such as HMSA Akamai or other additional plans:  Unfortunately, these plans do not cover visits or reimburse patients. 15% out-of-pocket discount applies for office visits and acupuncture. The only exception to this is certain HMSA Federal plans. If you have questions about your HMSA Federal plan addition to your Medicare, please call our office. 

HMAA: Office visits and acupuncture are covered, copay at time of visit is $30.

UHA: We submit to your insurance company on your behalf to reimburse you for your office visit or acupuncture. Maximum reimbursement is $25 per visit. To offset the small reimbursement, we offer UHA patients our 15% discount on office visits and acupuncture.

Kaiser (non-ASH): Insurance will not cover the visit or reimburse the patient. 15% out-of-pocket discount applies for office visits and acupuncture.

Insurance Coverage


Natural and Clinical Skincare

We are happy to welcome Alison Welch, licensed esthetician specializing in medical esthetics, to offer you a variety of skin care procedures, facials, and peels. These procedures use pure, pharmaceutical grade organic products that rejuvenate the skin's natural glow, producing radiant results. For a full list of our skin care offerings, please visit the Natural and Clinical Skincare page.

Therapeutic Touch with Essential Oils

(Often referred to as Aroma Touch or Raindrop Therapy)
This treatment uses pure therapeutic grade essential oils for an unparalleled grounding experience. Essential oils are applied along the energy meridians and on reflexology points on your back and feet to stimulate homestasis and balance in the body.

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